Terms of Service

Upon request of a commission you, the client, accept the following Terms:

1. Summary
1.1 Payments are to be made through PayPal - Goods and Services.
1.2 Payments are non-refundable unless the refund is initialized by DayColor.
1.3 DayColor holds the rights to refuse you permission to sell/re-sell any, or all products that he creates for you.
1.4 Unless otherwise stated, the client has not got permission to claim ownership, or sell the product created by DayColor.
1.5 In the event that these terms are breached, the client acknowledges that DayColor has the right to request all money made from reselling the product. The client also acknowledges that upon breach DayColor is permitted to resell the product without informing the client

2 Payments

2.1 Payments are to be sent via PayPal Goods and Services. All payments are non-refundable unless explicitly approved by DayColor.
2.2 If the total cost of the product is below or equal to 15 USD the client is expected to pay the full amount prior to the product being started by DayColor.
2.3 Clients with services over 15 USD are required to pay 50% Prior to the creation of the product, and the final 50% prior to recieving the product.
2.4 If the client requests additional services from DayColor; the price may increase if both parties agree on adding the service.

3 Ownership Rights of Products.

3.1 The Client is not permitted to resell (Sell the product on), standalone or as a bundle, without requesting permission from DayColor prior to the sale.
3.2 The Client holds limited right to modify the product. Any modification other than the removal of DayColor's Watermark/Branding is permitted. If you wish to remove said Watermark/Branding you must be given permission from DayColor prior to doing such actions.